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Music, Meditation and Sound Therapy

Music, Meditation And Sound Therapy bretcohensounds at g mail d0t c0m 267 792 won-9-fihve-6 To donate click here Ascension Sound Bath Relax, Nourish, Heal Master musician Bret Cohen is here to share a nice moment with you. While the possibilities are big and varied, it may go kind of like this: After you show up and get comfortable sitting or laying down we can get started. You don’t have to do much of anything. Just be here. We might have silence for a few minutes…and then the sounds start to happen. The gentle repeating patterns are easy to receive, calming and carry energy.  As the vibrations move through you, you might start to feel something, a similar emotion to the one that’s being transmit at the source of those sounds, or maybe something else. You’ll probably feel different from how you did before, calmer, better.  We continue. The more you relax and let go the more you’ll be transported. You might see colors, or images behind your eyelids, patterns unwinding, swirling, pixela